You can either eat or drink THC when you want to use it. Eating vs drinking THC compares the ways of consumption. Eating THC happens when you consume edible substances such as baked goods, candies, and tinctures, whereas drinking THC occurs when you consume teas, beers, and weed tonics.

Some of the benefits and side effects are as below:

Health benefits

Cannabis sativa has in the past been used to cure certain diseases. Today, cannabis Sativa has proven to solve some medical problems, and some medical professionals think it should be considered a medical option for specific conditions.

Eating vs drinking THC is an option for some medical conditions such as cancer symptoms, chronic pains, and anxiety. It is becoming famous for its continued use though some of the health-related effects are still unclear.

Side effects

Though cannabis has health benefits, it does not lack an opposing side to its consumption. It can be complicated to determine its effect at an early consumption stage. The concentration of THC is determined by factors such as the quality of the product and the place of production.

Continued eating vs drinking THC shows side effects such as sweating, vomiting, nausea and dizziness at some point. Avoid consumption of the product for recreation but rather for medical reasons. 

Purchasing safe marijuana products

It is essential to purchasing marijuana products safely, whether eating vs drinking THC for recreational or medical purposes. Not all sellers of marijuana are licensed, and therefore getting the products from authorized sellers will be the best decision. Ensure you get the products from a trusted source and take the recommended dosage. 

How to enjoy marijuana legally.

People consume marijuana for various reasons, which differ from person to person. Some may take it for medical reasons, while others take it to relax. It is recommended to take safe products from safe sites. 

While the use of marijuana for recreational reasons is illegal in most parts of the world, consumption for medical reasons may require the physician’s recommendation for cases such as anxiety, chronic pains, and cancer symptoms.  

Though the consumption of marijuana has proven to be beneficial over time, some of its negativities prove otherwise. You can be able to enjoy the use of marijuana legally if you purchase it from licensed dispensaries that are reputable and taking when you are recommended by a medical practitioner on the use of THC.  

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What are the Negative Effects of smoking or eating THC?

THC is a compound that has existed since creation, and is found in cannabis sativa alongside CBD and other cannabidiol compounds.It is until recently that serious research on THC was made by different research institutes . THC is a chemical known for harmful efects when abused.

General effects of THC include the following :

1.Feeling of relaxation

Smoking vs eating THC lead to the same effect of relaxation.The reason for this is that THC increases heartbeat and  blood flow which distributes oxygen to all body parts faster.This results in increased body activity.  For eating, relaxation comes slower and last longer, whereas for smoking, relaxation comes faster and aggressively.

2.Increases sensitivty

Individuals who ingest THC are more sensitive to sound,light and  the feeling of touch.This is due to stimulation of certain brain functions that co-ordinate the above mentioned senses.Such sensitivities depend on the dosage or amount of THC that gets into the body.The more the quantity, the higher the senses.A lower amount if ingestion is likely to lead to lower sensitivity rates. 

3.Affects short term memory

The diminishing effect of sober thinking whether in smoking vs eating THC cannot be underestimated.THC has an intoxicating effect of affecting the normal fuctioning of the brain.An individual taking cannabis easily forgets incidents or events that occur in the immediate past.Smoking has a stronger effect than eating cannabis with regards to memory loss, but in the long term, both ingestion methods display similar results.      

4.Can create paranoia, anxiety and insomnia

 The triple effects above, whether in smoking vs eating THC are proven results of extensive research.THC takers in the form of marijuana tend to see non existent objects and people.They  worry without cause and lack sleep even when the body calls for it.All these happenings are as a result of the mind-altering effects of the proactive compound, THC in the marijuana.The mode of injection affects the speed of the effects on the body.


Get Kush for cannabis, Cannabis plant needs strict regulations when it comes to its consumption.Unlike CBD, THC has negative effects that are proven.It is therefore important to involve stakeholders that can brainstorm and engage in further research on THC found in cannabis for the purposes of health safety. 



Glaucoma is a significant cause of blindness in the entire world. It has been ranked among the conditions that necessitate the use of medical cannabis in treatment. Several states in the United States have legalized the use of cannabinoids as a treatment. Glaucoma destroys the eye’s retina cells and breaks down the optic nerve, leading to patients’ blindness.

Other drugs have also been used to alleviate the condition, but medical cannabis(Marijuana) has also been studied extensively and is already used in some countries. There are several causes of Glaucoma: Intraocular pressure, age, and race. People aged 60 years and above have been known to have a higher risk than young people. Race also being a factor has led to studies being conducted among different races, and the findings have indicated an increased risk in Caribbean individuals.

Thirdly, elevated intraocular pressure is caused by a block in fluid flow that serves to keep the eye in its rigid shape. The fluid(aqueous humour) usually moves back and forth between the lens and the cornea. But in individuals with high intraocular pressure, the fluid flow gets obstructed, leading to pressure build-up. This then means the flow of nutrients to the eye’s optic nerve is hampered. While age and race factors cannot be controlled, elevated intraocular pressure can, which is why researchers have developed treatments to alleviate it.

Different drugs such as timolol, epinephrine, apraclonidine, and pilocarpine use other means to minimize the amount of fluid pressure. There also exist surgical methods for regulating intraocular pressure.

What about cannabis?

This is our area of interest today, even as governments ponder legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. Studies have shown that cannabinoids work just as well as other glaucoma medications by reducing intraocular pressure. Research has also shown that cannabis can be administered intravenously, through inhalation, and orally but not directly to the eye.

Both synthetic cannabinoid pills and injections of cannabis in their natural form have been examined and indicated a reduction in IOP in healthy and glaucoma patients. Trials that used a single dose of cannabinoids stated that it could maintain the effect for up to four hours.

While the findings from clinical trials indicate the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of glaucoma, scientists have not conclusively explained how it reduces intraocular pressure(IOP).

The drawbacks

While they have been documented as effective,cannabis-based treatments have a fair share of drawbacks. For instance, the effects cannabis smokers get after smoking or inhaling it can be felt by patients or individuals using it for medical purposes. This is incredibly uncomfortable for ageing individuals. Some individuals showed increased heart rate after taking the medication.

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Cannabis strains are found in the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a herbaceous plant indigenous to Asia, but its cultivation has spread to the rest of the world. This plant produces products of many uses in different fields. It is used as medicine, food, a source of industrial fiber, and for religious and spiritual moods.  

The use of cannabis strains has spread worldwide, and people are using strains of their choice for different purposes. Below are some of the cannabis strains recommended for its users. 

Purple Haze 

The strain consists of 85% Sativa and 15% Indica. It has the taste of berries and berry favor. The strain treats conditions like nausea, fatigue, asthma, stress, depression, and PTSD. 

Kush Mints 

It is a strain that consists of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. It is known to originate from Seed Junky which is normally used to make strains for wedding cakes. It has a coffee aroma and gives a minty taste. When used, the user feels its effect faster and experiences relaxation and calmness of mind. 

Forbidden Fruit 

This is a delicious strain that consists of Cherry pie strains and Tangie. It has emerged as one of the best-selling cannabis strains because of its flavor. Many of its users like the fruity and lemony flavor in the strain. The effect of this strain is high and is felt faster. Once taken, the user’s mood is improved and he/she feels relaxed. The strain has a high level of THC. It ranges from 23% to 26%. This makes the user feel relaxed and happier after using the strain. 


It is a breed of Thin Mint Girl Scout and Sunset Sherbet Cookies. The strain is made up of 45% of cannabis Sativa. Strain users prefer Gelato because they believe that it satisfies fully. It has a nice citrus berry fruit aroma, and this has attracted many. It has a flavor of strawberries mixed with oranges. The strain makes the user feel relaxed, calm, and have peace of mind. It reduces depression, stress, fatigue, loss of appetite, and headache. 

Blue Dream 

It is also among the most used strains in the world. It consists of Haze X Blueberry and more Sativa content. The users feel its effect though it is not high. When used, it causes happiness, relaxation, and uplift. The strain is made up of 24% THC. The strain reduces the stress and pain caused by injuries. It also reduces depression and other kinds of stress. 

 Green Crack 

The strain is also known as Cush, and it is very popular in the United States of America. This strain contains a high percentage of Sativa. It has a sweet mango aroma and citrus flavor. It treats conditions like depression, fatigue, stress, and loss of appetite. 


The above are the best strains recommended to cannabis strain users.   

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