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What are the Negative Effects of smoking or eating THC?

THC is a compound that has existed since creation, and is found in cannabis sativa alongside CBD and other cannabidiol compounds.It is until recently that serious research on THC was made by different research institutes . THC is a chemical known for harmful efects when abused.

General effects of THC include the following :

1.Feeling of relaxation

Smoking vs eating THC lead to the same effect of relaxation.The reason for this is that THC increases heartbeat and  blood flow which distributes oxygen to all body parts faster.This results in increased body activity.  For eating, relaxation comes slower and last longer, whereas for smoking, relaxation comes faster and aggressively.

2.Increases sensitivty

Individuals who ingest THC are more sensitive to sound,light and  the feeling of touch.This is due to stimulation of certain brain functions that co-ordinate the above mentioned senses.Such sensitivities depend on the dosage or amount of THC that gets into the body.The more the quantity, the higher the senses.A lower amount if ingestion is likely to lead to lower sensitivity rates. 

3.Affects short term memory

The diminishing effect of sober thinking whether in smoking vs eating THC cannot be underestimated.THC has an intoxicating effect of affecting the normal fuctioning of the brain.An individual taking cannabis easily forgets incidents or events that occur in the immediate past.Smoking has a stronger effect than eating cannabis with regards to memory loss, but in the long term, both ingestion methods display similar results.      

4.Can create paranoia, anxiety and insomnia

 The triple effects above, whether in smoking vs eating THC are proven results of extensive research.THC takers in the form of marijuana tend to see non existent objects and people.They  worry without cause and lack sleep even when the body calls for it.All these happenings are as a result of the mind-altering effects of the proactive compound, THC in the marijuana.The mode of injection affects the speed of the effects on the body.


Get Kush for cannabis, Cannabis plant needs strict regulations when it comes to its consumption.Unlike CBD, THC has negative effects that are proven.It is therefore important to involve stakeholders that can brainstorm and engage in further research on THC found in cannabis for the purposes of health safety.