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What You Should Know After Using Canadian Online Sales Marijuana

Once you have already made an order with Canadian online sales Marijuana and you finally have your products with you, you may be asking yourself a couple questions. Some of the things that you need to know how to use your marijuana have been mentioned below.

Can one be able to grow their own weed?

The federal guidelines that have been given in Canada indicate that one can only be allowed to grow only four plants for recreational use. This number is only suitable per house and there is no way you are going to be allowed to grow a higher number than this. Most provinces have taken to this guidelines and on top of this, the federal laws also dictate that one needs to make sure that all the weed is grown in a location that is secure away from public view.

However, you should know that this does not apply in all areas. For example, in areas like Quebec and Manitoba, growing weed at home is something that is considered to be illegal. There are those landlords who have taken the initiative of pushing for more legalization and rights for tenants to be banned completely from growing marijuana in the properties that they are renting. Also, another thing that you should know once you buy your weed from Canadian is that you are not allowed to move any of your plants while they are either flowering of budding. If a marijuana plant appears in a public space or is seen blooming may end up costing you a fine of a total of $5000 which you will be expected to pay. If you are not able to, then you will find yourself having to spend a total of 5 years behind bars.

Can one be able to smoke marijuana at work?

When it comes to smoking marijuana when you are at your workplace, you should know that your employer has a drug policy that has been set in the workplace. Even though there is the legalization of marijuana, this does not go to say that you are free to make use of it when you are at work. However, if you are making use of , you will find that the rules governing it are a bit different. The law requires that employers should be able to accommodate medicinal users of marijuana the same way they are able to accommodate any person who is struggling with a disability. This is because there are those medical conditions with prescriptions that requires an individual to be on marijuana and certain times in a day failure to which may only worsen their condition.

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