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Strategies Of Upselling Your Clients At Cannabis Clinics

When clients visit your cannabis clinic, you need to capitalize on the opportunity to ensure that they spend a lot in buying from you. Upselling strategies ensure that you entice the client to maximize their purchases from your clinic Various tactics can be used to achieve this goal as follows:

The importance of displays-using data from the POS system can assist you know what people buy most. You can then ensure that these products are attractively displayed at strategic points where the clients can easily see them. This would be at the entrance or a central location.

Build Rapport-you need to create rapport with your clients. This can be achieved through nice greetings and having an interest in serving your clients. Your clinic needs to have a good customer service strategy that ensures that clients are professionally handled from the time they enter your store to the time they exit.

Utilization of cannabis education and display media-you can use attractive and informative slides, videos, and educative facts to capture the interest of clients. Display media ensures that people with various literacy levels are engaged and get educative information about The myths that are peddled about cannabis are debunked through this strategy.

Knowing what is trending– it is important to be abreast with information about what is hot in the cannabis market. Most clients are likely to get attracted with what is hot in the cannabis market place and it is important to explain to them. For instance, vaporizing is trending as a big thing and many manufacturers are coming up with various attractive designs.

Creation of a sense of urgency-Create a sense of urgency by informing the clients that certain cannabis product is limited in offer and if they don?t buy it now, they will lose a big of saving a lot. Tell the customers that there is limited stock that is earmarked for offer. This sense of urgency will ensure that you maximize sales through that product.

Make them feel exclusive-it is important to make your clients feel special by introducing them to your various programs like loyalty and exclusive clubs. Appreciate them by thanking them for always visiting your clinic and invite them for special parties where they can get many products at discounted rates.

Setting sales targets-it is important to set sales targets for your clients by offering special presents and discounts if they do purchases up to a certain amount.

Holidays– to increase sales during holidays, be creative and come up with special gifts that clients can be offered if they hit certain targets.

Knowing your client-the POS will provide important demographic information that you will use to formulate and target your campaign messages.

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