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Packaging Of Marijuana In Canada

Marijuana is considered a drug under a majority of jurisdictions worldwide. Some countries like the United States of America is gradually ceding ground for the legalization of the product. In fact the product is legally consumed under legislations in some of the states mainly for medicinal, research and recreational purposes mail order marijuana. This is however not the case in Canada. Marijuana is legally accepted under the Canadian legislation with some restrictions particularly on packaging being the major issue.

It’s interesting to note that Health Canada which is an integral body in the ministry of health is actively involved in assisting in formulating legislation on marijuana packaging and the general handling of the product. They have been involved in a rather wider citizen participation initiative encompassing individual citizens, companies and groups.

Some groups of interest are upset by Health Canada however, due to their requirement that differ in regard to plain packaging on marijuana and cigarette products. They feel the approach should be more consistent.

According to Imperial Tobacco of Canada in their weekly press release, the changes proposed on cigarettes packaging by Health Canada do not conform to the requirement they made recently for marijuana related products.

Imperial Canada states that while advocating for plain packaging for marijuana products, Health Canada proposes a remarkably different one for tobacco.

Health Canada however through an email to Global News says this was derived from a research that was carefully taken and evidence based.

Regulations are on the basis of evidence and for protection of Canadians-the youth especially. Separate approaches are required since the products are different and bear their own unique risks.

The plain packaging has been announced by the government at the beginning of this year. Marijuana products must be child resistant, contain single plain packaging with uniform color and should not contain images or graphics. They should not have embossed, metallic or shiny designs on them. Use of logos and branding is also restricted as stipulated by Health Canada.

It’s mandatory for packages to contain health messages that warn Canadians of possible risks associated with the use of marijuana. This can be indicated through a stop sign which is in red symbol with a leaf of marijuana.THC letters,the product’s CBD and THC are also necessary on the packaging.

Restrictions affecting marijuana do not necessarily affect tobacco. In addition to labelling and packaging requirements they are for the purpose of protecting young Canadians. It is also said that marijuana will be availed in different forms. The forms will however offer different harm or risk levels.

In conclusion, Canada’s legislation on packaging of marijuana products is for the purpose of enforcing control of the product as far as usage and abuse is concerned. Notably,the manner in which the packaging is done according to their legislation creates an environment that ensures that the government close control of the product.

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