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How CBD for Better Sleep

CBD, a psychoactive found Cannabis an herb that is prohibited from use in many countries. Does it have any health benefit? Yes. Research shows that CBD has numerous health benefits and among them is curing Insomnia. It aids in achieving better sleep. How?  

Keep reading to find out the uses of CBD for better sleep. 

Decreases cortisol levels 

Cortisol levels regulate sleep duration. High levels of cortisol cause little sleep duration while low levels cause longer and better sleep. CBD is for better sleep because it reduces cortisol levels, thus more sleep.  

Cures pain 

There are many causes of pain like cancer, Arthritis, and chronic diseases. CBD interacts with Endocannaboidal systems to signal pain, and inflammations relief to the aching body cells. This in turn cures the patient of pain. If the cause of bad sleep is eliminated, then better sleep prevails. 

Increases sleep duration 

The problem sometimes is not lack of sleep, but is a lot of wakenings. These frequent waking-ups are accompanied by many things like pain and mental illnesses which are cured by CBD thus better and longer sleep duration. 

Treats anxiety 

Anxiety issues are associated with hyper nerves. These nerves can explode even during the night time making one lack sleep. CBD helps calm those nerves, thus better sleep. 

Causes fatigue 

Ever noticed that when you are tired you sleep better because all your body organs including the brain are craving a rest? Indeed you do. One of the effects of CBD is fatigue which is viewed as a negative effect, but in this case, it is an advantage because the fatigue will help you experience better sleep. 

Treats depression 

Depression is a mental illness where the victim feels dissatisfied and falls into old bad habits like talking to themselves, low self-esteem, etc. CBD shifts focus from one’s problems to other things, thus curing depression. It is the main factor for lack of sleep to many because the mind is always busy thinking. So, if depression is treated, the patient will sleep better. 

Cause dizziness 

If you have studied the effects of CBD, you will see that among them is dizziness. Dizziness is a feeling of sleep. Most Cannabis users experience dizziness minutes or a few hours after taking the drug. The sleep experience is long and deep. 

Mental sedation 

Mental sedation slows brain activities. Remember that when the brain is super active chances of sleep are very low, so sedating the brain will make you have a better sleep because the brain is blank thus requires a rest. Sleep. 

In conclusion, CBD for better sleep is a reality. It is tested and proven to work. With doctor recommendations and correct dosage, better sleep with CBD is guaranteed.  

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