Is Cannabis Hemp Healthy For My Dog?

Many of you ask this question, is cannabis healthy for my pet Dog? Read this article to find out how cannabis positively affects dogs. Miles, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, was slowly dying from cancer. His owner realized: powerful narcotic painkillers, such as tramadol, do not have any effect on Miles. And decided to try something else – medical marijuana.

Dogs eat marijuana

A few hours after taking the tincture of marijuana in the dispensary of Los Angeles, the dog’s appetite returned, he ceased to vomit, and he again began to walk and run. “It could not be a coincidence!” – said the happy owner of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.While restrictions on the use of marijuana are becoming more and more loyal, scientists and doctors are beginning to seek more therapeutic applications for a previously banned substance. And pet owners around the world are interested in: can marijuana be useful to their pets?

For people or dogs? Since 1970, marijuana has been listed by the federal government on the list of banned substances, along with heroin and LSD but still many people are legally allowed to buy cannabis seeds online at ease.Doctors, including the American Medical Association and the National Association for Public Health Policy, are openly protesting. At the same time, many people in dozens of states can openly buy the drug today in special centers that allow the medical use of marijuana. But veterinarians warn: despite the potential therapeutic benefits, marijuana is not always a good choice for dogs, cats, and other pets. So, for example, two dogs in Colorado recently died from toxicities after taking oil with the addition of medical marijuana. In general, in the Colorado State, which recently legitimized the recreational use of marijuana, a fourfold increase in the number of pets arrived at veterinary clinics between 2005 and 2010 occurred. This period coincided with the increase in the number of licenses for medical marijuana.

Opinion of the veterinarians 

The problem is aggravated if the pet accidentally eats cannabis contained in food. For example, a chocolate cake or biscuits with raisins are foods that are themselves harmful to pets. “If you give a dog a pack of butter or a bottle of vegetable oil – whether marijuana or not – it will get sick,” said Professor of Colorado State University and veterinarian Timothy Hackett. “If you call me and say that your dog ate a whole tray of cookies, I would advise immediately to make her vomit and call a doctor,” he says.

“When a pet eats one cookie or another delicacy, there is no reason to worry. But in any case, you can not turn your back to him, leaving an open box full of hemp cakes. ” Of course, marijuana does not affect dogs, cats, and other animals in the same way that it affects people. They can wander around the house, bumping into objects, become sleepy and lethargic. But in severe cases, pets have symptoms of serious poisonings – such as vomiting, tremors, and urinary incontinence. In the saddest cases, they can even die from an overdose of marijuana.