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How to Care for Your New Puppy

How to Care for Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy can represent an exciting stage. But this critical age in the life of your new pet is the perfect time to establish a healthy relationship and a healthy lifestyle. Many owners postpone essential elements such as establishing routines and this can have a negative effect on the long term. Although puppies can’t really be trained for tricks, they can be trained for routines. Here are the best tips to apply with a new puppy:

Start Feeding the Puppy Healthy Food

It is never too early to start feeding the puppy healthy food. In order to do this, you will have to start reading on basic healthy nutrition for the puppy. Ensuring a balanced diet and a slow progress towards dog food is essential. The good news is that there are plenty of good resources to help you in your quest.  A good dry dog food resource can be found here.

Start Housetraining

Training your puppy to use the bathroom is quite a challenge. There will be plenty of accidents around the house but you can still take the opportunity to establish some routines. For example, you can take the puppy out first thing in the morning and just before bedtime. It can be a good tip to start implementing these routines from an early age.

Go to the Vet

Going to the veterinarian is a must with puppies. This is the time when they are prone to various illnesses or conditions and the good news is that a vet can inform you of the most common problems for your puppy. You will also take this opportunity to learn about detecting early signs of illness. This can help you and the puppy down the road when you can actually address certain illnesses early on for a quicker treatment.

Introduce Social Situations

Many puppies are still being kept from social situations and from contact with strangers. While this can be a good approach to a certain degree, you want to ensure your puppy gets sociable as soon as possible to avoid problems in the future. You can start with small steps which can be avoiding over-excitement with new people in the house or correcting aggressive behavior in the presence of other people, especially children.

Create a Puppy Place

Creating a dedicated space for the puppy in your home can be a good solution for moments of privacy. While puppies will not want to stay alone, this can be a good time to start getting them accustomed with their own space.  I like to use a dog crate or cage to assist with this.

There are many other tips for you with a new puppy but the most important thing to remember is that this represents the perfect time to start establishing some basic routines and habits which will make things easier down the road. Together with the health of a puppy, these will be the two main directions to go for every new owner. And even at this young age, you can still try to improve the social interaction of the puppy, especially around new people.