How to Make a Blog About Your Dog and Make Money

The Internet has become a perfect hub to make money, and there are so…… so many ways that can help you make handsome amount of money – there are high chances that you might quit your job and make it your permanent source of income. You should discover local web design and SEO services from growtouch.

So, What Really is a Blog?

It is a place where you put your content along with pictures and videos.  You can call blog an informational website or a discussion point.

How Can You Create a Dog Blog to Make Money?

Pet blogging is really lucrative and inarguably, bloggers are making a huge impact on the pet industry.  Here is how you can make a blog about your dog:


There are some accomplished platforms for blogging and two of the top ones are WordPress and Blogger. Both of them are ultra-easy to use and you can easily start blogging. You’ll have to buy a custom domain name for your blog (it can be anything that you like). Follow these three steps:

  • Think of a domain name
  • Use setup hosting
  • WordPress or Blogger is the best options for you

You have to make sure that the theme of your blog is captivating. You have to setup a hosting account and the best option is Bluehost. Websites like can help you be all set up and focused.


This is one of the important first steps that you have to take. There are endless options to write on, you can start generating content on “how to train your dog,”  “how to make homemade dog food,” or almost anything that is dog related.  The imperative thing is that you are writing and make sure that you follow these instructions while writing:

  • The content needs to be original
  • Try writing according to your audience
  • Write captivating content for the audience
  • There should be no plagiarism (It affects your chances of getting your blog hit and SEO friendly)
  • Use keywords smartly
  • Make the content easy-to-read and simple

You have to comprehend that you have to write what you feel and don’t try to over complicate things. You can hire freelancers to write the content for your dog blog. This way you can generate a huge volume of content in a lot less time.


You have to take photos of dogs and upload them on your blog. It is one of the best ways to keep the audience interested. If you do not have a dog then you can still use pictures from various platforms such as PEXELS ( ). It is quite easy to find good photos of dogs – just make sure that you do not copy it from other blogs.


Another way of keeping your readers interested in your blog is by uploading videos of your dog or random dogs on a frequent basis. People love watching videos of dogs and puppies.


There are various platforms that you can use to make your blog a hit. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Try communicating with the audience and make sure that you start conversations with them. It is a good way to let people know about your blog.


Now that you have started your blog, it is time for you to generate money from it. There are various ways to earn money. You can generate money by Google AdSense. Another way for you is to display dog products on your website. You can take a commission from the products that are sold with the help of your blog. Try generating organic traffic and you’ll see that people will buy dog products from dog food to chains – every dog product can help you make money.

From advertisement, you can generate money in a way that you can promote dog products, make sponsored posts, video advertising etc. You can sell eBooks, Apps, Training Courses and other products. The affiliate marketing can also be a great source income for you.


Remember, just make up your mind and start generating associated content to your blog. Make good quality content and start earning from this baby!!!!