Useful Tips For Buying Dog Supplies Online.

Dogs are very loyal pets, and it is good to ensure they are well taken care of. Proper dog care entails feeding them well, cleaning them regularly and taking them to the veterinary officers for regular medical check-ups. Dogs are very simple creatures, and once you attend to them, they will return the favour and stay by your side. Buying pet dog food supplies can prove to be a daunting task at times due to the wide variety of stores offering these supplies. Buying online has emerged as a great option and here are some tips worth considering when making online pet dog supplies purchases.

Compare And Contrast.

Several online stores offer dog supplies today Ensure you compare and contrast the options you have before making a final decision on which supply to get and where to get it from. You may land on a deal that seems good but find out that there is a better one being offered by another retailer. Just do a search for “best dog pet supplies online 2018” to get a range of the best online pet shops. A comparison is a great way of getting the best deal on the selected supply.

Choose Specialised Stores.

When purchasing dog supplies online, you will find that the stores offering them fall under the two categories which are the general merchandise stores and the ones specifically dealing with dog supplies. In such cases, opt for the specialised online stores since they have a wide variety of supplies, with everything from dog food and collars to online health supplies to choose from. Their prices are also lower, and you can contact them for more clarification on a particular supply.

Subscribe And Save.

Most online stores are very keen on building a strong customer base, and they always try to make their customers loyal. Once you find a suitable store that offers most of the supplies you buy, subscribe to them and let them treat you as a loyal customer. Such subscriptions from loyal customers give you discounts and first-hand information on new supplies.

Shop With Reputable Dealers.

The internet is not short of malicious con men who can disguise themselves as retailers with the aim of robbing you off your money. In that accord, it is paramount to ensure that safety prevails when making online purchases of dog supplies. Opt for the reputable and widely acknowledged dealers as opposed to the ones that are not very famous. Reputable dealers are obviously huge companies with an image to protect, and they will do all they can to the best of their ability to ensure that the transaction goes on smoothly.
Never disclose your financial information to online parties as you might be falling for an attempt to gather your information by malicious people.

Always Check The Reviews.

One great thing about shopping online is that most retailers have a platform where customers can give their feedback on the dog supplies being sold. This is an excellent way to determine the best supplies for your pet dog as not all of them are good enough. Go through the customer feedback before purchasing any particular supply.

The five tips highlighted above come in handy when shopping for your dog supplies online. They ensure that you get the best supplies for your dog at the best price while securely conducting the transaction.


The dog is a bundle of joy, and no matter what happens, a dog will always find ways to cheer you up. If you have a dog, it is imperative that you train him. A wrong perception regarding dogs is that they are difficult to train, and dog owners happily embrace it. Another observation is that dogs can only learn when they are little puppies. Due to these wrong perceptions, many dog owners just accept the way their dogs are – even if they are messy.


dog dumbell

how to start training your puppy see this training video.

It is a simple trick that you can use to impress your friends. Simply place a treat in your one hand and use the other hand to grab your dog’s paw. You need to say “Hand Shake” before shaking hands. Give your dog a treat at the end of a successful handshake.


You need to use the luring effect in this trick. Take a treat and bring it closer to the nose of your dog, and bring him into a down position. Give him the treat while he is still in the down position, take out another treat and bring it closer to your dog’s nose. Try shifting his body weight to right/left by moving the treat to the right or left side – give him a second treat too. Now, use the third treat to make his body roll over, and give him a treat once he completes a full roll over. By repeating this step over and over again, your dog will learn to obey your command of “Roll Over”.


Firstly, you need to teach your dog how to handshake. Try holding the treat in your hand and use the same action as a dog would make. Don’t forget to say the word “Goodbye” each time. As always, give him a treat and a pat on the back.


You can easily make your dog spin by holding a treat close to his nose and saying the word “Spin” before moving your hand in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.


Put some treat on your cheek and say the command “Give Me a Kiss” before allowing your dog to lick it all from your face.

There are some other tricks too that you will come to learn in the later part of this article.
Now coming to a scenario!
One fine evening you come home and find everything in tatters. A normal person would suspect that a break-in happened, on the other side, a dog owner would know that for sure the only culprit is his dog. Now, the dog owner decides that his dog needs training. So the question arises:
How Do You Train Your Dog?
Training your dog can be overwhelming and there are some simple steps that allow you to train your dog without putting an extra burden on yourself or the dog:


You need to understand that a solid dog training program is a Keystone to your dog’s good behavior.. You have to set certain boundaries and rules if you want your dog to thrive with good behavior.
You need to set a schedule, and it doesn’t mean that you train your dog rigorously for continuous hours. You have to lay a set of rules for yourself and your dog. According to many dog trainers, the best method of dog training is positive reinforcement – your dog responds more if he feels that obeying your command will lead to a treat or praise.

One might think that there must be a lot of dog training equipment to buy, but actually, there are few items. At first, you have to buy a collar that is comfortable for your dog and try refraining from those cheap dog collars.
Buying a dog leash is the next step, and it is better if you avoid the retractable one.

You have to allocate a specific time for dog training. It is better if you give 5-15 minutes of training to your dog. You need to repeat the same training procedure 2 to 3 times daily.

It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an adult dog; you have to start with the basics. People often try to train their adult dogs with advanced tricks and then complain about their ineffectiveness. You need to start with the following easiest basic commands:

SIT: This easy trick involves a treat and a little pat on your dog’s back. Just hold the treat close to dog’s nose, and move it slowly in the upwards direction. The dog will try to follow the treat, and this will cause his bottom to lower. Once he sits down, say the word “Sit” and give that yummy treat to your dog. Try not to give too many treats at a time.

COME: You need to put a leash on your dog, and gently pull it after saying the word “Come”. Give your dog a treat once he obeys your command.

DOWN: Put a good smelling treat in your hand and bring it closer to dog’s nose. When he starts sniffing it, move your hand to the floor, start sliding your hand along the ground, and that will encourage his body to follow. Once he is down, say “Down” and give him treat.

STAY: It is necessary that the dog obeys your “Sit” command. Ask the dog to “Sit”. Open the palm of your hand, place it in front of you and move backward. Say the word “Stay” and give him treat if he stays put. You need to continue by gradually increasing the distance between you and your dog.
Remember that you have to keep trying this tricks again and again. Practice will ensure that your dog perfectly learns all the tricks.

You might come across stubborn behavior or resistance from your dog. Some people lose the plot by becoming impatient, and that is why you need to stay calm. You have to keep things positive and rewarding your dog over and over again for good behavior is the right step.

You have to comprehend the fact that dogs completely trust their owners, but that trust is not on a certain level. That explains why your dog does not respond when you call him or tell him to leave something. You have to be affectionate, and it will assist you in earning the trust of your dog. Rest assured if the trust is gained then your dog will behave according to your commands.

So, by staying patient and using the basic tricks, you can easily train your dog. You can move forward to other tricks, but then again, it is essential that your dog needs to know the basic commands.
There is one question that is always lurking in the minds of dog owners:

How Do You Toilet Train a Dog?

Here are some simple steps that can effectively help you in toilet training your dog.

By the way Dog Training in Ireland has never been easier once you boost your puppies intelligence.

Whenever you take your dog outside, take him to the same spot. This will require some consistency, but your dog will understand that the same spot is where he needs to come for the toilet. So, say “Go Bathroom” right when he is going to the same spot. Now, you need to say “Go Potty” and remember to praise your dog right after he is finished doing potty. It will give him a clear message that he needs to use one specified place for a toilet.

Your dog needs to know that he just can’t make any place his toilet. Give a treat to your dog every time he goes to an allocated place for a urinal or potty.

Some dogs can develop a rebellious nature as a result of punishing. If you want to toilet train your dog –never ever punish him! You can stop giving him treats, and not be getting any treats can send a clear message that he must not be doing it.
In no time, your dog will be toilet trained and remember that patience is the key to dog training.

Check out this Medium article about dog training for more information.


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10 steps to a healthier Dog

Is your dog healthy? How do you know that? maybe your dog is not active anymore or just plain lazy? here are the steps for making sure your puppy or dog stay healthy and live longer. Follow these steps daily and you will have an enjoyable and playful pet for the rest of your life.

  1. Buy anti-flea shampoo
  2. Use Professional Dog Trainers
  3. Play with your pet
  4. Be active with your Dog outside
  5. Teach your dog tricks
  6. take your dog a daily run
  7. buy healthy dog food (don’t be a gimp)
  8. Follow the above rules
  9. Repeat
  10. Let your dog relax.